Use Typeform as interface in app

Hi all
can anyone think of a way to link typeform results back to a specific user in bubble (for a typeform embedded in a bubble page)? the goal would be to use typeform as an easy way for a user to input data to an app (as alternative to build my own forms…) - what I want to do is embedd typeform into my app so that the users an fill out survey and then pull the results via API into the bubble database and link it to the user that created the entries…
help is much appreciated

There may not be a foolproof way where the user is authenticated in Typeform to be a specific User, but you could easily just have an email field that the user puts in and then match it to your database. Errors could occur if someone uses someone else’s email or has a typo though

Or you could use a URL Parameter to pass the information into typeform, saving the user from typing it in and helping stop any errors

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thanks, the hidden field seems to be a good way - will try to pass the email from the URL