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Stripe BUG after today's release

I used to check if users have connected their Stripe accounts using “User’s Stripe Seller’s Account is empty” or “User’s Stripe Seller’s Account ID is empty” but not it is not accurately returning the status of my users. This just started today.

@tj-bubble @jess - is there a reason why someone who has not connected to my Stripe connect account would still return: “yes” for the conditional “current user’s Stripe Seller Account ID is not empty”?

…aaaaaand it’s fixed.

did you do anything to fix it or did it resolve itself?

Nothing. I tested it at one minute and I was getting all sorts of odd behavior. Came back an hour later and it was suddenly stable.

One note: checking if “Stripe Seller Account is empty” will NOT work. You must check if “Strip Seller Account ID is empty”


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