Reasonable Alternatives to Bubble

That is the point of svelte/sveltekit. It keeps framework details at a bare minimum and adhere as much as possible to web standards so you can write HTML, JS and style your pages with CSS. As in contradiction to ie. React which have it’s own wrappers for simple things like page links (anchor elements).

Javascript would be equal to workflows and states in Bubble, so yes, it requires some effort to learn. But no more than the effort you have to put into an alternative no code service.

When all is said, I still hope Bubble change their pricing plans so we can go on with prototyping and small projects…

Thanks for the discussion. Wishing all the best luck.

Has anyone used I believe these combined code/no code tools are the way forward - AI will help you setup and code and particularly AutoGPT when it changes into a consumer ready tool (which will be soon) - you should be able to just go through your Bubble workflows and conditions and let the AI rebuild your app for you. Good for someone with code exposure like myself. What are the downsides to either of these? Possibly infrastructure set up but AI will simply help you do that …

And look up AutoGPT



WeWeb is really good. Easy to use, you can export your code, better optimised than Bubble, easy to connect to external databases. I moved a few months ago, never looked back.


I think you have some confusion about react, but is off topic to discuss it here.
I do like svelte anyway :slight_smile:


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I will answer in Portuguese :sweat_smile:

Estou em uma comunidade brasileira do Flutterflow. Olhei as ferramentas que possui e o que a plataforma possibilita. Estou gostando. O código não fica preso no Flutterflow. Se eu achar necessário, posso pegar o código e implementar em outra plataforma com base Flutter.

Acho que é uma plataforma que atende bem e vou arriscar nela. O que eu não irei arriscar é ficar no bubble. Mesmo que voltem atrás, não acho interessante manter o meu aplicativo em uma plataforma que tem esse tipo de política de mudança de preço.

Aqui no Brasil, temos o Euller e o Paulo que são referências no Flutterflow. Vou depositar minha confiança neles e migrar todo o meu aplicativo que já estava 70% pronto.


the major issue here is you still wont have the ability to export code with either of these. Also depending on your app you may need weblow and wized and xano (or a alt) . Feels like a bad dream.

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I’m using replit and it is great. Just like with bubble, you can deploy your code with a simple click on the “Run” button. With help of ChatGPT I already created a lot of endpoints I’m using internally, hopefully will release them to production soon as B2C services.

It has a copilot built in feature, which is not perfect, but as I said in a previous comment, complement it with ChatGPT and you are ready to go.

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It’s kinda funny to see all comments saying “all-in Flutterflow”, “all-in …”.

I’m on it since 18+ months and as much as I love the tool for mobile use, if you really do think you’ll can copy paste your Bubble app within FF, you’re a bit optimistic.

As Flutter is amazing for multi-plaftorm (iOS, Android, even desktop app), the web xp / feeling isn’t that great.

Scrolling is weird, rendering is also sometimes weird and it doesn’t look quite like a traditional SaaS webby experience. It rather looks like a tablet/mobile app embedded on a web page.

Flutter team made a promise to improve the framework on web (also with WebAssembly) but it’s not quite ready yet, and JS, vueJS are still way ahead on web.

Not mentioning the thousands of plugins existing on Bubble that you’ll need to either code or forget about.

Also, as Bubble can be 100% used without a single line of code, if you don’t know a bunch of code (Dart), do not imagine that you’ll be able to do everything you made in Bubble there.

I’m not trying to advocate for Bubble, but all the alternatives have their positive / negative sides and you should be objective in your decision to change.

I see a lot of people entering into the “aha discovery moment” telling everyone to leave for a better world while they did not still encountered the dip that would make them understand that it might not be a better world (for their specific project).

Hope this helps!


Can someone explain me a bit more How it works to lock-in the price for the comming 19 months? I am in the personal plan.

The monthly price will increase by 10%.

You are then on that plan for 18 months, unless you move to the new WU plans.

After 18 months you will automatically be moved to a WU plan.


Thanks Nigel! So i can just proceed for the next comming 18 months with my personal plan?

As it stands today, yes that is right.

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Been doing a ton of digging and exploring options. Our planned new stack at the moment is this:

DraftBit for React Native iOS and Android apps.

Weweb for a performant web browser app.

Supabase for backend.

No vendor lock-in. High performance on all platforms. Unlimited ability to extend with code as needed. And complete ownership of the code.

Overall cost for all three will be roughly the same as we’re paying for Bubble now. Maybe a bit less.

We’re going with DraftBit over FlutterFlow because we’re more comfortable with JavaScript and prefer our native apps being in React Native rather than Flutter.


Good point about Draftbit & Javascript.

Using for front-end (web & mobile) and (Parse) for backend for now.

But like I said before, hopefully Bubble will pivot and come back with a reasonable pricing model.


Hi @aj11 , I’m playing with Xano and found out that it does not provide real time data. I should be polling every second from Bubble but it looks like quite odd. Can you tell if Supabase provides real time data?

A possible alternative could be to create a workaround using a Xano plugin for real time chat (Ably) but I don’t like very much the idea.

The pricing is based on concurrent connections and number of messages sent


Doesn’t Noodl have its own backend? :eyes:

Yup, big hole in Xano’s offering. You can fix it using Ably, but looking at the guides it seems like a hacky solution.

I’m almost certain we’ll be going with Supabase for two reasons, as @dorilama has recommended.

A. Real-time data functionality.

B. The least amount of vendor lock-in (they actual brag about having less vendor lock-in than AWS and Firebase due to being 100% open-source.

Despite all the above, and not actually branding themselves as no-code/low-code, managing most of the tool is visual. They compete directly with firebase, but even compared to firebase they have more visual interfaces to build with vs having to work directly in SQL.

All in all, it appears to be the backend option with the least amount of vendor lock-in, least amount of limitation, while still being mostly no-code.


Yeah, they do indeed but it is a limited runtime environment. We need specific npm packages which are not available (yet). They are building some kind of plugin feature btw, this will allow devs to use other NPM packages.

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Hey everyone, I’m still having a rough time finding something that I prefer over bubble. I’ve tried FF but I’ve become really confused with how to get the responsiveness to work similar to bubble. There doesn’t seem to be options to set a max and min width and I can’t get elements to stack when the page decreases in size. Also the testing of the app is just not user friendly enough for me.

I’m trying to create a price comparison site and it’s not too complex but I can’t find anything which competes with Bubble’s logic. Anyone have any suggestions?