Repeating Group in another Repeating Group

I know that this topic is similar to what others have asked in the past, but those threads aren’t solving this for me.

I have a repeating group (RG) of countries, and a nested RG of regulators (who operate within each country, some regulators operate across multiple countries). My data type is “Regulator” (395 rows with the following column fields)

I am searching for the data upon page load via a set state workflow so that end-users can filter it, as described in this video - i am using this setup for “Brokers” elsewhere and it’s working fine there (that’s a single RG list however, no nested RG).

After that here are what my RG setups look like:

parent RG:

Text box to display the country:

child RG:

Text box to display regulator:

@NigelG you seem to be the RG guru so I’m hoping that by tagging you here it might lead to an answer.
The following threads were helpful but didn’t get me to the solution:


Shamelessly bumping this in the hope that it will get a few new views. If anyone is aware of a good video that covers my issue i would be eternally grateful. Thanks.

What’s the actual problem you are having?

I can’t see where you’ve said what it is.

Hey @andrew.mcdonagh , thanks for the reply. Perhaps my effort to be thorough in giving all the information has obscured my problem.

My problem is that my repeating groups are not displaying the information that I want them to display. Main aim is for the nested RGs to display my data as follows:
-Country A
—Regulator that is found in Country A
—Regulator that is found in Country A (if more than 1)
—Regulator that is found in Country A (if more than 2)
-Country B
—Regulator that is found in Country B
—Regulator that is found in Country B (if more than 1)
—Regulator that is found in Country B (if more than 2)
…and so forth

Instead, if I do the action that activates the RGs (they’re inside of a group-focus that) it causes my browser to become unresponsive and time-out. My assumption is that my setup/constraints are not correct. But I have no idea where I went wrong. It could easily be multiple errors.

Hello. Does your data type country have a field for regulators? And is it a list of regulators?

I have found when creating nested views it is best to set the cell count to 1 and work off of it as its easier to manage. It is possible to put a RG insidenof another RG. And the nested RG display a list from the parent ‘thing’

Hi @noyourbroker,

I think its simpler if you have data types of Countries.

First, you can put RG that show list of countries (using do search for the countries data types). Then inside countries RG, you can put regulator RG (do search regulator data types filtered by countries field contain parent group country)

Hi @noyourbroker,

Thanks for clarifying the problem.

It looks like the inner RG is just using the wrong data source

I’ve created a mockup of your problem with the following data types…

  1. With the outer Countries RG data source either as you have it now, or a simple search such as:

  2. For the inner nested Regulator RG, you will need to search for regulators who have the outer RG’s cell’s Country.

  3. Then in the inner nested RG, you can access any field from the Regulator that your want, such as it’s name:

  4. This gives the result:

Hey @andrew.mcdonagh, thanks for the detailed writeup. It indeed works as you describe. Thanks for the solution. I am far more confident playing with RGs now.

@joseph.farinhas and @hadirs : the reason that I’m not working off of the country data type and having a list of regulators there is because I will load countries for a few uses in my app and most of those don’t require regulators to be in the dataset. I want to keep the country data type as lean as possible.

For those who come looking for solutions later:
In order to maintain the ability to filter regulators by country I did the following.


and now this…

can filter to this…

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Glad to help @noyourbroker.