Replacing the "Create account for somebody else" with Postmark instead of Sengrid. Is this possible?

Hi community,
After a year of learning bubble and finally launching our MVP, we were getting a near 65% churnrate (of the little initial customers we even have).

The main reason for the churn? Well, with our application, our main users (therapists) create accounts for their clients via the bubble app, and their clients log into the custom mobile app with the credentials.
Somehow through all the testing and learning, there was never any flagging of the inability for users to receive emails because of sendgrid (and many of our users have the likes of live and hotmail). Honestly, I really wish Bubble had made this known very early.

So now trying to find an alternative for the same action; create an account for someone else and send them a randomly generated code. Seen postmark mentioned a lot in the forums, but so far haven’t seen anything that says they can help replicate that feature (I know one can do a magic link, but it’s not a solution for us right now).

If not postmark, does anyone else have any other alternatives? Ideally something relatively straight forward for a bubble n00b such as myself.

Any help?

Hi @psychogenx,

This is definitely possible with Postmark. You just need to use the Create an account for someone else action, then when you go to reset pw, have a Postmark template of that.

This may help with that: SendGrid Warning for Newbies - #31 by afterthoughtsystem