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Responsive Repeating group

Hi Guys,

We have build an with floating group on both the sides, left menu acts as menu and right FG acts as a live chat menu. Problem here is my right FG has an repeating group for chat along with an Input for messaging.

The RG holds its width but not the height on the page. I simply want my chat input and RG to hold its position irrespective of the size of the screen.

Please suggest…

have you tried using the “fixed number of cells” settings in the RG?

@twilson9034 Yes, I tried making it fixed. With fixed number of cells my RG looses scroll bar and I cannot use the “Scroll to Action”, since its a fixed number of cells.

Any other suggestion…

I’ll see if I can recreate something today and get back with you. I have a few ideas but I’m not sure if they will work or if you have done them.

@m.pulkitmadan I made a Group, add some Text elements for the main message and added an RG for the replies to that message, I then nested those into a FG and my RG stays as the same height.

See if this works if not maybe im not fully understanding what the goal is here and we can do a chat or something.

Hi @twilson9034 Thank you so much for your efforts. But the problem still persist… will be great if we can chat or a meet call.

Please suggest…

we could do a zoom call but it would be later today.

Any solutions found for this? He meant having a responsive rg like this