Reusing Images in s3 without uploading again

I have an image in S3 that I uploaded from the image item.
I have things in the database with an image element.
When I create a new thing (at least manually), I don’t see a way to paste the S3 URL rather than upload again. It requests an upload and if I give it the URL it will upload it again with the [x] suffix behind it. Any way to just paste the URL into the “static” box area?

Seems to waste disk and db resources.
I must be missing something.


Why not relate or use the dB entry where the image exists

I wasn’t using them during run time. I uploaded the images while building the front end.
If you create a new image object, you can’t pick a static image (or dynamic) that points to the S3 URL. It just downloads it again and adds it to the database.

Are you meaning that in the Dynamic section I actually to a search for that image?

It is not clear what you are doing. In short… yes.

So, I’m not able to get that to work.
Unless I’ve created an Image Thing and populate it with images to reuse, this won’t work.

Let’s use the example of and image for a favicon. Say I upload the favicon.png for the favicon and I want to use the same image as a logo on my menu bar and also on my footer… Why do I have to upload it 3 times? Why can’t I just point it to the first upload?
I can’t do this for Stripe’s image, or other image things I draw on the page.

Are you suggesting I create an image thing (db), manually upload them through the data tab and add them to the database so I can reuse them on the permanent front end?

Hopefully that explains the “waste” I’m seeing in the system. For a small image it may not matter… but some of my originals being reused are substantial.

Thanks for your replies. I do appreciate them.

You can do that (add data from the editor). Or you build a UI to add data … in an admin dashboard so that your admin users do not have to access the editor to do admin tasks.

Or you can upload a static image and then just duplicate the image in the editor. This way it maintains the same URL as the original image.