Richer Postmark emails plugin ✉ [Update of 16 march 2021]

Ran into an issue with the Richer Postmark Emails plugin this morning - emails send without their attachments since after 11 am. Might be linked to the plugin migration update mentioned here: [Plugin Migration Update] Planned brownout notice: March 12, 2024

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+1 was debugging since 1 hour after saying to myself “damned are we on march 12th ?”

Also experiencing issues.


Hi everyone! Yes, it is related to the planned brownout, I will push an update very soon.


seems it is working again for attachments :slight_smile:

Seeing as it isn’t working right now with the current brownout can we expect an update by April 10, 2024?

Yep, I’m working on it since yesterday (:
I would already have finished it but my Postmark account was paused due to inactivity and I had to email them to make it work again, so I could not test it.


I am still having issues with sending batch emails from 501 to 1000. The batch email works with 1 to 500 but it doesn’t work after that and generates an error. is there something i am doing wrong?

@olowusamson Postmark API can only do 500 at a time Send batch emails | Postmark Developer Documentation

You can do recursive or schedule API workflow on a list to do chunks of 500

Nvm didn’t see your screen shot showing only 500 still

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What does the error say?


That’s Postmark saying you’re sending over 500 emails

It’s confusing but the way Bubble’s item: until # operator works, but make the expression Search for Users: items from #501:items until #500 's email

The until # is a count of items from the expression before it, not the original search if that makes sense


Thanks. Now i understand.

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Hello everyone! The journey was long, intense and fruitful, but I no longer had the free time available to work on my plugins, so now Zeroqode maintains them. You can reach out to them through their support channels from now on :blush:
They have the structure to push them further and I see them as a great new house for the plugins.

I will ask the mods to lock this thread, but regardless of whether they do it or not I won’t be monitoring the forum anymore for plugin mentions.

See you in my next journey and thanks for everything! (and all the fish)
I wish success for all of us! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: