Saving GPS location not Address

So I am getting the Current Location/ Formatted/ Address into a text field. This works great.

But when I assign that address to a Map element it does not show the marker in the correct location. Looks like it lands in Antartica and I am not testing from there (no good internet connection there).

The value in the field looks OK. I checked my receiving Group and I can display the address correctly, just won’t show in the map. Is this a bug?

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The same happened to me. Try using “,”(comma) instead of “.”(dots) to separate decimal places on your coordinates.


I have the same issue as @JustinC. I have a list of things that comes from an API call with Latitude and Longitude fields. I want to display those things on a Map, but I can’t because the “Address Field” in the Map does not have a “insert dynamic data” option. And doing it the way Justin was trying to do does not work either.

Are there any plans on Bubble’s features to get this working? I have a project that I cannot release because of this issue :frowning_face:

This plugin is great for this.

@jarrad Thanks, but I’m not looking for a paid solution.

Totally understand - there is a free geocoding plugin available although it may be a bit cumbersome with lists. This one in conjunction with api workflows may help if you happen to move to payed plans should your app take off :slight_smile:

@jarrad I tried the free plugin but it didn’t work. None of the Things it returns have a field of type Geographical Address, required by the Map (“Address field” in the picture from a few comments above).

This app won’t be anywhere near “taking off” until I manage to display the Things on the Map.

Your after this plugin,

and on an input it would look something like this,

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Thanks for the tip again @jarrad . I’m getting a “Over query limit” error from the Google API (and I only have 11 Things on my List!) So I will try to find another approach that doesn’t require using the Google API.

The reason for this is the free api key your using - this is fine but it means that you will be able to process 11 per second, if you processed your next 11 after the 1 second is up this will work again.

My thinking behind why I have not built a delay in between is I assumed anyone processing larger lists of addresses would be using purchased keys from google.

I can see how this may be frustrating though so I might go ahead and add a checkbox for bought keys to run without spacing each query.


you will be able to process 11 per second, if you processed your next 11 after the 1 second is up this will work again.

No, it keeps giving me the error even if I wait several minutes.

I have decided to display the Things in the map one at a time and have the user click on each one (in a repeating group) to display them. It’s not ideal but at least I can release the app (while I work on showing all of them in the map at once). :disappointed:

Im not sure how your going about triggering the event but you can see from the demo if you put 11 addresses in and hit geocode, then wait 10 seconds and hit geo code again - what you will find is 3 or 4 of the list will be returned but if you waited a full minute after the 11 run then it will do the full list again (google say 1 minute, the truth is between 30 - 45 sec.), if you coded 5 items then save the result and after 20 seconds or so coded the rest it will be able to keep up without the limit. Using a free key a good number is 3-4 addresses with a 3-4 second pause between you next 3-4 addresses.


@jarrad First of all, I’m not using your app because it’s paid. So giving me an example on it does not help at all.

Secondly, I was making the call inside the Map element (as described here Saving GPS location not Address), so there is no way to ask it to pause between every 3-4 Things.

im sorry, i read this and thought that since you were quoting a reference i made in relation to this plugin that you had opted to go that way.

Im yet to find a single task in bubble that cannot be rate limited though, would be interested in some shots of your workflow. We may be able to point you in a better direction.

It isn’t simple, but you can do it …

You will need to create database entries from your API’s list of Lat/Lng and then do the Coord > Address

Make sure your APi has the Lat/Lng as number not next.

Then display them on the map. Am sure you can work out how to limit that to the individual user, store with a random number or something.

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Second post was helpful for me. I wanted to create an admin page to enable the use of latitude and longitude to input address information. This gets more accurate address results for me.

Thanks pilgor.

I have auto binding on input fields that are set to modify the address field. When I input the latitude and longitude separated by a comma it updates the address field.

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I was using google maps to find where am i and it was showing my exact location but after sometime my location was changed.

I want to use Lat / Long as a precision pin (not converted to address or nearest road). Is this feature working now? I want to do this as a list. Any plugins that work with this out there?

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Second that, any chance to display several marker with their exact Long and Lat ?

Thanks and cheerio, Flo

Looking for the same feature, Lat/Long for a Pin - did you find a solution?