Search filter not working? 🤔

I’ve created a simple job board with several filters to sort jobs(as shown at the top of the screen in the screenshot below). The first 3 filters all work no problem as these simply re-order the list of jobs based on the relevant parameter.

The last 2 filters however(“my applied jobs” and “my saved jobs”), don’t fully work. These are not true filters as they load a separate set of jobs which is pulled from the current user’s data. These buttons work in loading the list of jobs, but once the list is loaded, it is then not possible to select another filter. I’ve tried adding a step to the workflow to clear the list first when each filter is pressed but this doesn’t work.

I’ve possibly set this up a stupid way though with the “applied jobs” and “saved jobs” being written to each individual user, but can’t see a simpler way.

Any ideas?


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