Selecting an item from repeating group, using Search&Autocorrect

Can someone help me with this issue, I am not able to get the selected service highlighted in the search box on selection.


For example if I select ‘Home renovation’ it should show in the search box above as the selected item, and when a button is clicked it should elaborate about the service, is it possible?

I am using ‘Search&Autocorrect’ to derive this.

I have used a group and want the action on clicking that group.


@dambusmedia can you help me with this, how do I select an item as in a regular drop-down box?

Because you’ve custom built this feature with a regular input and RG, you need to help the input a little more. You should be able to show the selected service like this:

  1. Put the input in a group
  2. Set group content type to Job Type
  3. Set initial content of input to Parent Group’s Job Type’s Name
  4. Workflow: Click Job Type in RG > Reset group > Display data in group (data = current cell’s Job Type)

So clicking will reset the group and reset the input’s initial content which will display the selected Job Type’s name.

You can use another Display Data action for another group that contains the full details. Elements within that group should just reference “parent Group’s job Type’s [field]”

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Thanks for the reply Gaby, I was wondering why the Guru of Bubble took so long to answer… :roll_eyes:
I know the steps you have mentioned should logically show the results as desired but some how I am unable to achieve it, don’t know what is that silly thing that I am missing, I’ll be obliged if you can have a look in the editor and point out the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Gaby, it’s strange, it’s working fine when testing on a mobile browser, on the PC it’s just vanishing away after clicking…could that be a bug?

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