Send data from one website's form to another website's DB

Hi all,

I’m building a restaurant management website.
Beside other tools and functionalities, I’d like to offer my customers a reservation management platform. That plat form would display the reservations on a given day with Name/number/e-mail/time/number of guests of each client.

But I think the best way to gather that kind of data is to actually add a form to my clients websites and have that form send the informations to mine.
I know how to display the desired data etc… but I don’t know how I can send data from my clients website to mine. Any ideas?

Also, if my clients website is a simple wordpress, is there a way to export the code of form I made on bubble in order to add it to their website?

Lastly, I’m simply looking for an efficient solution. It doesn’t have to be a form I created on Bubble. So for example, installing a TypeForm that’s linked to my website would also fit my needs.



Have you already spoken to a number of restaurant owners? Most of them rely on one of a few large reservations software platforms. Restaurant apps I’ve seen developed had to integrate with the API of the reservation platform.

Two ideas:

  1. add a form from your site in an iFrame so that it appears on the clients site but is actually connected to your server and domain on the backend.
  2. Pass the data from the form to your site via URL parameters. You can then grab the data out of the URL and store it in your database. It’s not as secure as using an API but it’s much easier to implement and is readily used for non-sensitive information such as this.

Hey, thanks for the input. It really depends where you live. In my country most owners just rely on simple forms and receive reservations by e-mail. But integrating the API is also an option though.

Thanks, I’ll try that!
What’s the most secure option in your opinion?

How about using the TypeFrom API? I don’t think TypeFrom is the ideal way to go there but it does the job.

You’re lucky @simonbrun - those big reservations companies can make accessing their API very expensive and can essentially block startups trying to do things where I am here in Ireland.

I appreciate the input Patricia! But I’m not in Ireland and reservations management is not my MVP.
Now if you have any ideas on how to solve my problem I would love to hear them. Thanks!

Afraid I don’t know much more than that. I mentor high potential start-ups both here in Ireland and the USA but I’ve only ever worked with two teams building restaurant reservation/review apps. One managed to get access and the other was effectively put out of business. All our restaurants have their POS linked to their reservations systems, and linked to online rating sites. If you’ve not got all that complexity to fit in with then, as I said, you are lucky. I really dislike TypeForms (clunky UI) so I tend to use Wufoo (slicker) and I’m very cautious about having data elsewhere but as @sridharan.s said, your data is not sensitive so his number 2 suggestions makes a lot of sense.

Very interesting. Thanks for your replies Patricia.