Sending data from one page to show a group on another page

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I apologize if this has already been answered in another thread. I’ve been working on my app all night and am very tired and possibly delusional so my brain is not comprehending the things I’ve been reading.

I’m building a prototype that allows users to request on-demand tech services. On the “homepage” I have each service, represented by an icon, displayed. What I want to happen is that depending on which service is selected, on the next page “New Ticket” a specific group will appear that will display the different options for that category.

For example, if you select “Computers” on the homepage then on the “New Ticket” page you’ll see all of the services we offer for “computer” related issues like “Virus Removal” or “Repair and Help”. Hiding and showing groups will be more fluid instead of building a new page for each service’s options.

I’m having an issue figuring out the workflow I need to make this work. I hope I explained it well enough.

Thank you

You can pass data from one page to the next by using what are called parameters. There are a handful of threads that cover the concept. At a high level, you first create the new thing (the new ticket), and define a parameter (ie. ticket) and give it a key value (ie. new ticket’s unique ID, which you created in the prior step).

As well, I have a few LearnBubble (edit: now LearnTo) lessons covering URLs and parameters. Here’s a direct link to the primer video.

This recent one comes to mind and has some fairly helpful points.

Thank you Dan1

That makes so much sense. You’ve helped me a great deal. I will attempt to implement these tips and let you know how it goes.


Glad that helped point you in the right direction. :smiley:

Hello again

I was wondering if you could help me again. I tried some of your tips and it sort of worked and I watched your video but honestly kept getting lost. It’s hard for me to focus sometimes.

I was wondering if you could provide me like the basic workflow so that I can see it with my eyes and better process it that way.

A description of what I’m trying to do: on “TechUser_Homepage” a user would click the computer icon for Computer Services or wifi icon forInternet Services. This should begin to create a ticket but also navigates to “TechUser_New_Ticket”

On “TechUser_New_Ticket” I have 2 hidden groups, One called “Group Computer Services” and one called “Group Internet Services”.

What I’d like to happen is if a user selected “Computers” on “techuser_homepage” then when “techuser_new_ ticket” is loaded only “Group Computer Services” would show and if “Internet” was selected on the previous page only “Group Internet Services” would show.

It would be very helpful to just see it so I can absorb it.

Thank you,

Since you’re showing/hiding groups on the second page, it’s helpful to also pass some conditional logic that can drive the process.

In cases like that, what I do is set up two parameters: one the passes the actual Unique ID (in your case, the created ticket) and a second parameter, which I’ll call something like “view” or “stage” with a value type of text. That text would be “computer_services” when that option is clicked, or “internet” when the other is clicked.

Then, on my second page, I’d have either

  • A page is loaded workflow that has: “when view = internet, then show Group Internet” and another for when view = computer_services, then show Group Computer Services."
  • Have the groups have conditional logic that references the URL.

One again thank you so much for responding.

I will attempt these tips as well.

Worse case scenario is that if I still cannot figure it out then I’ll use pop up groups on the home page to collect and submit a new ticket.

Thank you

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