Sending & receiving messages got so much easier!

How can I account for Sendgrid changing the date/time? I think that bubble is storing it as UTC, so when Sendgrid sends a text the date is wrong.

Great plugin with easy setup. One question though, I purchased a dedicated phone number from ClickSend to send SMS from, but I don’t know how to implement it w/ Bubble. How do I use that number instead of the random ones it is sending from? Thanks!

@Nocodify were you able to figure out your date problem? I’m having the same issue.

Hi Jamie,

Sorry for getting back to you late. I made a workaround that collected or asked the user for their time zone (then stored it appropriately in the database), and then when sending an email I would send the date/time and subtracted/added the time zone difference.

So for example, if a user was in Eastern time, I would collect their time zone and make it ‘-4’ in the database, then sending the email I would do Date + (-4).

This was the only way I found to account for the UTC time. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the info, i totally get it.

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for sharing this cool plugin. I will surely give it a try.

However, I prefer to use a professional service for my SMS campaigns as they are way more effective in acquiring new leads and reducing churn rate.

Lately, I am been using text message service from Gleantap and I am pretty satisfied with the quality of they service they provide. You might also wanna check them out.

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Hello Guys,

I agree with dbevan, ClickSend’s new plugin is easy to implement and Integraton API Is Supported in all Major Technologies, in same way bulk sms gateway api is used for bulk SMS services.

I set it up, however am receiving this error message:

Raw error from ClickSend - Send SMS: {“http_code”:401,“response_code”:“UNAUTHORIZED”,“response_msg”:“Authorization failed.”,“data”:null}

Any ideas what might be incorrect?

How do you receive text? I can send them but what do you do to receive them?

Never mind I got it all worked out at about 4am this morning

I would like help receiving text messages? Can you help with that?