SEO - Google Cache Text Processing

Hi All,

I had a quick question regarding SEO/Google Cache. I have been taking a look at how the Google SEO spider views the text only version of my website, and it shows the following:


If you compare it to my homepage , all of that text content (there’s not much, but there’s still some) is completely not there in the google cache viewer.

@sridharan.s had me compare it to his with his startup, and it looks like his text came up a lot better:


Interestingly enough, if you throw up a website that isn’t built with Bubble into the Google Cache Viewer, you can see that a custom built website’s text is picked up properly as the HTML should be:

An example of a “clean” text only version of a website is the following:

I’m curious if anyone has any tips on how to structure text in Bubble to make it come through cleaner. As of right now I am using the regular text element and my text is laid over images but is not part of those images.

My main concern obviously is that my on-site SEO is severly hampered since google can’t process the content on my website.

Thanks to any and all help in advance.


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Are there any Bubblers with SEO experience? Have you run into any challenges getting your sites indexed correctly?