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SEO settings that bubble has available for you

Hey all! I have been browsing through the forum a lot past few weeks. I have to admit am only a month old over here. My interest in bubble bloomed when I took up a project recently which involved #SEO for a bubble website.

There are a few things that I would like to address in terms of the reported issues and what SEO settings that bubble has available for you if you are building a website that needs to be exposed to search engines you definitely want to look at these configurations and make sure that these are set up the proper way for your app to be found Lets Go:

:red_circle: Issue: No H1 tags found
:large_blue_circle: Solution: So most of the settings are going to be found under the settings tab and then the SEO / meta tags sub-tab
the first thing 1. exposed type of tags for text elements so when you have that checked your text element here will have GO TO Design a new drop-down available to you of course if you’re adding a text like this bubbles going to apply this preset style so remove the body style and then you’ll see this show up HTML tag for this element if you’re familiar with SEO and tagging elements there are different ways to categorize text so that Google knows what’s is the heading, the top-level heading of the page then the subheading and then under that or if it’s just normal body text for your page so this is where you would set those things.

:red_circle: Issue: No Alt tags for Images
:large_blue_circle: Solution: 2. the image element will also have this new alt tag field become available so you can enter in an alternative text for the image this is good if you know the user’s browser can’t render the image for whatever reason you’ll have that text to stand in for it but in general, this is also something important for SEO to mark your images a very literal description of the image is usually what goes there in a few words.

:red_circle: Issue: robot.txt file
:large_blue_circle: Solution: Customize robot.txt file on bubble. Go To Settings this will allow you to modify your applications but this is a more advanced thing if you don’t really know what this is just leave it alone. Something that you want to do with your robots.txt file is to add in Nofollow links so that you can make sure that links don’t get recognized or picked up by the search engines they basically get ignored GO TO Design and then Link bubble has a feature you can leave that unchecked for the link element where you can mark it as a nofollow link right in the editor and then that will make sure that the search engines ignore it and it doesn’t affect your SEO rankings.

:red_circle: Issue: Custom domain not found in SERP
:large_blue_circle: Solution: Domain and email section so when you’ve set up a custom domain for your website you definitely want to have this checked here redirect all requests to the domain so that your bubble hosted website with the internal app name is no longer being recognized and all requests to it are forwarded to your custom domain this is definitely something you want to check

:red_circle: Issue: Exposing a sitemap file
:large_blue_circle: Solution: Go To Settings sitemap file this will let you pick and choose what pages in your website you want your search engines to be able to pick up and crawl. Also, note that you can upload your own sitemap file at the very bottom of this section here where you can host files in the root directory so you can upload just a plain text file with your sitemap give a name and save it. If you’re familiar with the Google webmasters settings you’re gonna want to go there anyway to make sure that your website is being properly crawled there aren’t any errors or anything. This is definitely something you want to look at the outside of bubble as well to make sure that Google is picking you up properly it’s not running into any errors or finding weird links or anything like that so if you for example upload your own sitemap file you would want to submit that to your app that you’ve added to Google webmasters and make sure that it’s finding it properly.

Those are just the primary settings that you should be aware of, if you want to get more detailed in advance with your SEO configuration you definitely want to have your site set up with Google webmasters. I am also taking in queries so if you detect additional issues for which you may need help, just let me know and I’ll add it to the description (with the solution)

Hope this can be helpful for some of you and, eventually, we can have a guide of best SEO practices for Bubble apps. Thanks for your feedback beforehand!


I appreciate the post about SEO!

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Thanks! @tyler7