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User Activity logging (MixPanel recommandation)

Has anyone implemented a method to track user actions and store them in a table to display somewhere else on the site? I was thinking of adding an item to the workflow of each button or other activity in my website that logs the information. It would get the job done, but I’m curious if anyone has though of a more efficient method.

I think mixpanel is quite good for this.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll give that a shot.

Hi @ChrisL, did you end up using Mixpanel? Having a look at this myself and wondering if you did implement and seeing the value of doing so?


I use Mixpanel. It’s super easy to setup and free to start.

Hi @nomadkelley, do we need to add the HTML box and the code in the principal page? I didn’t get it or it’s too slow with no good result.

No. There is a Mixpanel plugin. Add the tracking to your workflow.

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It was working very strangely with HTML… Thanks. Action now! :upside_down:
Step by Step…

And Bubble asking for…

Just found the place to activate the workflow to send to MixPanel :

Asking to ENTER the API Key (it is your Bubble Private Key)

I will try with OUR Private API Key…

And It work on MixPanel!