"Share" URL of internal page

i didn’t, it is set as current user on every text input for the screens

So for the screen that you want non-internal or non-application users to be able to view, you will have to set it as current page user. “Current user” will not display someone else’ info- it will only display the info of the current person using the app…

So if someone is logged into the app and they go to “view profile” they will see their information populate, but if they share the page whomever follows the link will see a page with the “user who shared” information correct?

If it is setup correctly, yes.


Probably doesn’t show but I did build a full franchise application through bubble, just not dealing with certain things left me without the knowledge to proceed.

Now I need to make sure others don’t have access to the “sharing users account” when the page is shared.

by sharing users account do you mean the share button?

yes correct

You can hide the share buttons with conditions within the share element
if current user is not current page user
then this element is visible (unchecked)

if current user is current page user
then this element is visible (checked)

Or you could use the conditional
If current user is logged in
then this element is visible (checked)

if current user is not logged in
then this element is visible (unchecked)

but under this above conditional anyone that is logged in to your app will see the page buttons…

I just use actual links and my own custom icons as images underneath the links. I couldn’t get the bubble plugin to work well. I also paid for the zeroqode social share plugin but it couldn’t allow you to use dynamic images, so not really worth using for sharing something on social media.

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