Showing a list using text

I’m trying to show list of users from dB using Text element

using “Search for…” but it keeps give me “,” only without the items themselves , except the last item
in some cases the last items is shown more then 1 time
help will be appreciated
LIST bug2

Hi there, @gefmos… I’m not sure if this will be the case, but the default privacy rule on the User data type could be getting in the way of the screen names being shown. So, check out that link and see if that is the case.


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Thanks, Mike you nailed it. That was the reason all other screennames didnt show
But i still see repetition of screennames which I dont see in the dB
Im resetting the popup every time before i show it

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There goes @mikeloc, the problem-solving fairy. It’s a sign of good omens when your thread gets visited by Mike

@gefmos , mark that man’s post with the solved badge.


Yes, i was very lucky :star_struck:

You’re too kind, @rico.trevisan, and problem-solving fairy is probably the nicest thing I’ve been called, well, ever. :slight_smile:

@gefmos, the duplicate screennames is interesting, and I’m not sure what could be causing it. In theory, it seems like you must have records in the database that have the same screenname because the search is simply showing each item’s screenname, but you’re saying that isn’t the case. Would you be willing to share a read-only link to your editor so I (or someone else) can poke around under the hood a bit?

Oh, wait… @gefmos, you’re searching for bet records, not users. So, it’s got to be as simple as there being multiple bet records created by the same registered user, hence the “duplicate” screennames. If you add the :unique elements operator to the end of the expression, you should get the desired result.

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Thanks for the help. meanwhile i have bombard my app with reset commands, and it did work. I will just remove all the reset to see what works
The dB was clean with no repeating.
Again thanks :clap:

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