Slow Upload for small CSV Dataset

Is this normal when processing CSV data? Upload was fast, processing initially said 18 hours. Now it is down to 10 hours.

This is a very small dataset: 27 rows and 6 columns of text data that is no more than 50 characters per cell.

Yes that’s very slow, something is wrong. Try cancelling and uploading again. If the same thing happens, I suggest filing a bug report so Bubble can figure out what the issue is.

Ok, I cancelled the process.

I think I figured out what happened. I used Microsoft Excel to upload the data (saved it as CSV UTF-8 format). I didn’t check the file… assuming it was super small… but now having checked the file it was actually 7MB. I guess Bubble didn’t stop at the last row of the data and was reading every single blank line. When I canceled the process I ended up having about 15K rows of blank data! Lol!

Now I’ll have to determine the best way to upload data. Maybe I’ll just have to copy it to a text file and rename it to a CSV.

Thanks for the response!

You’re welcome… glad you got some visibility. Weird about it trying to upload all the rows. Check your spreadsheet obviously to make sure there isn’t anything in them.

I did all my data uploads from Excel about a year ago when I migrated to Bubble from another platform, so you should be able to do this from Excel. My data was in Excel, but I recall saving it as the plain “CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)” option rather than the UTF-8 or any of the other variations. I’m not sure if that makes any difference.

You could also try opening a blank Excel file and cutting and pasting the data in, then saving as .csv.

Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing. I initially tried to save it as a plain “CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)” file, but Bubble gave me an error when processing the file stating that it need to be in a UTF-8 format so I created the file in that format (rather than saving it in that format with the data already in place) and then just copied and pasted the data in and resaved it as a UTF-8 comma delimited CSV file.

I’m not quite sure what happened initially but for the sake of time I’ll just do this for now since it works.

Appreciate it!

Great – re: csv vs. csv utf-8 maybe I am remembering the file format wrong or Bubble did a change in the interim (I have a vague recollection they upgraded their upload speed). Sounds like there was something funky in your excel file that got cleared out when you created the new one.