SMS Plugin for New Zealand

I notice there is a Telstra plugin for Australia but we need to send SMS messages from a Bubble app in New Zealand.
Is this possible?
Thanks, Mark.

I don’t have any experience with a Telestra plugin but in one of my earlier projects our dev easily integrated Twilio and had SMS being sent through our app in under 30 mins. I’m based in Auckland.

Hi Tanvi2
That’s very encouraging I’ll take a look at the Twillio option
I’m on the Kapiti coast.
Many thanks for your time.
Regards, Mark.

Nice to hear of New Zealand Bubblers, I’m on Waiheke.

Hi Lindsay
You’d be a bit warmer up there :wink:
Good name “knowcode”. Do you have a website?
Do you use Twilio by any chance?

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A little bit warmer :slight_smile:

I’ve used Twilio in a previous life, but not through Bubble. I’m using Sendgrid for email, SMS is on the road map, and I’d use Twilio for SMS (who own Sendgrid). No reason to think Twilio’s delivery rates would be better or worse than anyone else’s.

I just threw together a test app with Twilio -

Though it took 15 minutes - now I see in the Twilio console claiming my messages are delivered - however I’m not getting any SMS to my phone. Hmmmm

I suspect it is possibly to do with having a trial account - and use a US sender ID - if I was you I would for out 3 bucks for a NZ number and do the test again. Even though the docs claim that the sender id will be over-written with a random-ish shortcode.

I’ve upgraded and am awaiting approval. The seem to do checks to make sure you’re legit when you upgrade.
I will buy a NZ number and there’s another issue that could be why you are not receiving messages.
It’s to do with a shortcode.
Unless you sign up for dedicated shortcodes the codes are random and can cause problems.
So I raised this support ticket with Twilio:
How do I get dedicated shortcodes and what is the cost

I’ll keep you posted.

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Hi Tanvi2
Can I ask for a favour please.
Did your developer use “dedicated shortcodes” and if so what is the cost?
My reason for asking is related to this caution on Twilio’s website:
“Due to local carrier restrictions, sender IDs will be overwritten into a random short code for all SMS traffic to New Zealand. Deliverability over random shortcode is on best-effort basis. If you are sending mission criticial and time sensitive messages it is highly recommended that you reach out to Twilio for further details on how to get dedicated shortcodes”.
Much appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

Hi Mark,

At the time (2019) we did not encounter this issue. We did not have to use any dedicated shortcodes because I remember receiving a test SMS on a shared shortcode. Twilio sales and support were very responsive hence may I suggest you flick them an email.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Are you still using Twilio?

Not at the moment but I will be once I hire a dev and start my Bubble MVP I’ve been putting off till Bubble release their new editor. So I’ll be keeping a close watch on this thread.

Good luck with your MVP. I didn’t even know there was a new editor coming out.

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