[Solved] Create multiple account using same email

I attempted to create a user using the email “randomstring@yourdomain.com” and then later update it with a real email address using text. This approach allows users to have multiple accounts with the same email in the text database. However, when attempting to use the “forgot password” functionality, it fails to identify the correct account because it reads the password from the first item of the initially created user, but not from the other accounts. How can I resolve this issue?

When I need to create member accounts that can’t login yet I use a separate Data Type called member, then allocate that member to a regular user account through a workflow when they need to login. That way you can do things like store information against a person and when you have an email address, create it as you normally would.

Cheers - JW

I have found a solution. I using a random string for the email during sign-up to create a fake email for bubble data type, I let users to sign-up with a valid email address using a text data type too. This email address serves as the real email for my own database and is used for the “forgot password” functionality as well.

When a user clicks on the “forgot password” option, an email is sent to their registered email address. The email contains a link that directs the user to a page where they can confirm their identity. The link includes the user’s unique ID, which is automatically populated in the data path.

Upon clicking the confirmation link, the user is automatically logged in with a temporary password. They are then prompted to set a new password immediately. This approach effectively resolves the issues related to login with a username and provides a functional “forgot password” feature.