Stripe connect error"Payee does not have a stripe account" error

Hi everyone,

I’m building a marketplace where professionals can sell their services. So they register in my app and I register them as a seller with stripe plugin workflow “register the user as a seller” with connect standard.

Then a buyer can purchase their services, is redirected to checkout. The seller gets his money minus the marketplace fee. Everything was working yesterday and today it doesn’t. I can register a user, register him as a seller with a connect standard account, but when a customer clicks on the pay button is not redirected to the checkout anymore. Instead there a popup like that:


I must have done something but I can’t see what. I’m on a free plan for now so sadly I cannot go back. I didn’t touch the privacy rules, and the payee account is activated and visible in the stripe marketplace account.

If anyone a experience with stripe connect account please reach out.



I was facing this error some time ago (and dont clearly remember what it was now) but it probably happends when i was testing new methods and probably change Stripe Client ID and Secret to my another account and then this error occurs.

Check you Client ID and Secret in your plugin.

Hey thanks for reaching out mate. I checked it but I still have the same issue. But I changed the stripe checkout version ton the v2 instead of the v3 and it work ! That’s weird.

Nobody else had that issue ?

In my stripe account, under the tab connect, I can see all the payments and their status:

With the stripe checkout v3 their all incomplet and they stop for the same reason: “PaymentIntent : requires_payment_method”

But when I use the checkout v2 it works