Stripe - how to allow customer to define which bank account the want to send related revenue to


  • My app allows users to create an account
  • After creating an account, I allow the user to create a stripe express account via this plugin: Stripe Connect - Marketplace Plugin | Bubble
  • My understanding is that users who create their stripe express account can add multiple bank accounts to that account in stripe

What I’m trying to accomplish:

  • My app allows users to create different “programs.” My users want the ability to specify which bank account the revenue generated from a program will go to
    Program A - all payments related to this program should go to bank account A
    Program B - all payments related to this program will go to bank account b

Any suggestions on how this should be set up?

@alexcooney5 - any ideas/suggestions?

As far as I know this is not possible since all API calls for Stripe to create charges, transfers etc. for connected accounts uses only the Stripe connected account ID, which is the sellers Stripe account, and not a specific bank account.

You should reach out to Stripe support to enquire if it is possible at all, which again, I do not believe it is.

However, if I am correct, and the seller will need to within their Stripe dashboard indicate which bank to transfer funds to, from API calls you can add metadata that will help them sort which funds to transfer to which bank account.

Hi @gpdmop, you are correct that users creating Stripe Express accounts can add multiple bank accounts. However, my understanding is that they can only add 1 bank account per currency. For example, you can add a EUR and a USD account, but not 2x EUR accounts.

Apart from that I have a similar understanding to @boston85719 - all Stripe actions I’ve ever used have need the account ID of the connected account when making transfers etc.

Thank you @boston85719 @alexcooney5. Planning to enable the end user to create multiple express accounts, then designate which one they want the payments from each program to go to. I’ll report back here with any success or failures with that approach