Stripe set inital limit users can use?

Kind of confused how can I set an initial amount for every user that they can use to make purchases on the platform? Let’s say I set the initial funds to $100. The user can buy anything with that amount and once $100 are spent they need to actually recharge their account? Can it be handled via stripe itself instead of handling it from bubble using a temporary field that holds a value?

In order to be completely sure, it would be beneficial to have a bit more detail. But in general terms, when using the Stripe API, you can perform actions like “Setting a user’s credit balance,” and by creating and paying invoices, you can impact the balance.

From within Bubble, you can control the Stripe balance to prevent adding more items if the user doesn’t have enough funds to pay for them, or simply by executing a task to allow them to add more funds.

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Thank you! I guess this is it.