Tax Jar Setup Help

Has anyone set this up in Bubble? I’m having a hard time with the API Connector setup.

Send through some screen shots of the API calls in your API connector with some detailed descriptions of what you want to accomplish with the API call and i’ll try help out.

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Thank you for your help. I guess my question is actually a bit more complicated.

After setting up Tax Jar within Stripe and vice versa, I see that Tax Jar doesn’t work with Stripe “subscriptions” - only “orders”. Do you happen to know if it’s possible to get around this?

As a first step I set the API connector up to calculate sales tax when a user first signs up for a subscription. But this is the only time I have any kind of monetary transaction with the customer in Bubble - once the subscription begins, billing lives in Stripe. How can I connect the user’s subsequent payments to Tax Jar?

On a simpler note, when I do use the Tax Jar sales tax calculator, should I use the “rate” attribute from Tax Jar or the “combined_tax_rate” in the “breakdown” attributes?

Thanks for any advice you can share!

P.S. just some ideas for feedback:

  1. Maybe there would be an opportunity to send the transaction to tax jar again with Stripe’s “change subscription” but doing that every month for every user sounds like a terrible waste. This might also let me use real-time tax calculations for every single charge in a subscription.

  2. What if every time a recurring stripe payment is about to go occur, I trigger a zapier workflow to somehow change the tax rate and create the transaction in taxamo…or something safer, along these lines.