Testers wanted - RV travel diary app

Are there any RV, motorhome or caravan enthusiasts out there in the bubble community who would be interested in doing some testing for me and give me some UX/UI or any other usability feedback and suggestions on my RV travel diary app. Check it out https://nomadsnotes.net/ and let me know if you are interested.


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I should add I have never coded before, never worked in IT. I have come into this project simply with an understanding of my data. So being a newbie at all this I need all the help I can get before releasing to the wider public. I have so far found the forum users very helpful and could not have done it without the forum help


Focus your attention on making it simple to use and easy understand. Strip out extra features.
Make navigation consistant
Make UI elements consistent
Consider a non compressed version of the font
Consider the colour palette you are using from a usability perspective.

Keep going!

Thanks for your input Steve @pm2120600 . Any possibility you could be more specific? I would like it to be consistent in both navigation and UI but am missing where I need to improve. I suppose that is why I requested feedback.

I am guessing also you do not like the colour palette - is this personal taste or something based on user interaction? Is it hard to distinguish colours??

Which features should I strip out?

I do really appreciate your time to look at this and provide comment
Email me at gail@motorhominglifestyle.com if you would prefer


Hay- its a complex topic (and the day job) so focus on those key themes
Re colour you need to make sure there is contrast between the background colour and labels (black on the green)

Thanks Steve

Agree on stripping out extra features(and promises).

Also, ask potential users about the features they really need(willing to pay for) and focus on those.
During your first iterations focus 80% on needed features and 20% on design.
Keep asking your users(more than us) and iterate/improve on their feedback.

And ship it. Don’t wait. The sooner you ship it the sooner you will start getting good feedback.

Just had a quick look…generally looks like a good start…Few things I noticed

  1. UI: The “Benefits” section looks like these are links at least showing infos in a popup. Also on hover the indication gets stronger with the drop shadow. Still nothing happens when clicking on a section

  2. It says I can test it for a limited time. However there is no indication at all what is the scope in general…What is the pricing after the month? What can I expect? There is no info whatsoever so why should I register? After a month pricing could go to 50$/ month :slight_smile: Just kidding but I hope you know what I mean.

  3. FAQ section not linked

  4. Upper left corner icon (RV GIF) urgently needs to be replaced!!

Keep going!

Thanks @JonL. All good points. I have lots of users on my current older style app I will get onto asap. Just got to take that leap!

Thanks @cajudick. Great feedback. Yes there is some info missing in the pricing bit - I’ll fix that. RV GIF in the process of being replaced.

Small tip. When including text on top of a hero image above the fold, you need to do something to make the text stand-out from the image. 3 good design options for this:

  1. Add a background color that’s 60-90% transparent and place it on top of the image, but below the text. Choose a color that fits with the feel of your site / brand. Can also be black or white, generally. Then, make the text a color that contrasts with the background color. This is my personal favorite solution for this problem because the added color can make the image feel more aligned to your product and brand.
  2. Add a border to the text with a contrasting color. So, white border for black text and vice versa.
  3. Place the text somewhere on the image with high color contrast between that portion of the image and the text. Risk is the text moves to different place with different screen widths (e.g., mobile)

Thanks @sridharan.s. Great feedback. This is appreciated