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I have a list of ingredients, each ingredient has an item number and suffix associatedwith it, depending on where it is in the list and the type of ingredient it is. For example, Chicken is M01, M being meat and 01 being the first meat ingredient, where as Salmon is F01, F being for fish and 01 being that it is the first fish product.
What I would like to do, is when adding a new ingredient, I want to either show the last number of that ingredient category on the page… so it would show M01 and F01, that way I know that if I add another meat product, say beef, that I need to label that as M02. or to have the item number input tall the person inputting that new ingredient, that that number has already been used and to choose another one.
Is this possible with my current set up of having all ingredients in the same data source, or do I need to have seperate data sources for each category, or is it not possible at all

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