Trial periods: Take CC info or don't? What are your thoughts

I am currently in the processes of doing the Trial Period workflows for my app, and I did a little digging throughout the web on the topic of taking a members CC info to enable access/trial period or not. Definitely a hot topic - I see both ends!

Just wanted to gauge everyone’s thoughts on here. See if anyone has had success with either path :slight_smile:

For me, it’s super simple… don’t do it. It’s friction to creating a trial account, and the less friction on that front, the better. If your trial (app) adds value, you’ll get the credit card when it’s time to get it.


That’s what I was thinking too! There’s been times where I closed websites/apps because they wanted my info, but other ones like Adobe Stock, I did it and had to remember to cancel haha

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This is actually a pretty decent question. Here’s my take FWIW.

I think that for a lot of people, making your “onboarding” process as smooth as possible is critical. In other words, if someone is interested in using your app, they want to be able to register as quickly as possible and start using it.

It’s a big turnoff for people if, during the registration process, you:

  • have a huge # of questions you need to ask first
  • start hitting them up for upgrading to a higher subscription level to try (even for free)
  • start hitting them up for signing on for additional services.

Same with getting credit card info.

You just want them to get into your app ASAP so they can start using it and trying it out.

Get rid of as many barriers as you can between the “sign me up” button and the “You’re all set! Start using myapp right now!” button.

And for new users, your app should guide them to what they need to do from that point on to set it up for themselves. This can be done with a simple on-page checklist or a series of helpful emails.


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