Whats the best way to setup a trigger every day at a set time?

Hello everyone.

So my use case is the following. We have leads that come through our dashboard, for which we need to activate(change a field) everyday at noon UCT. If lets say the time is 10:30, then it would be scheduled for noon today, but if its 12:05, then it needs to be scheduled for tomorrow at 12. What is the best way to do that?

Currently I am using the schedule recurring workflow once the user clicks the button that triggers it, and have 3 duplicates within a custom event with “Only If” rules. The rules are:

1.Current date time extract hour < 19 and current date equals rounded down to day - todays date
2.Current date/time extract hour >orEqual 19
3…Current date time extract hour < 19 and current date < rounded down to day - todays date

The reason for 3 rules, is depending on time zones, the day could be different in different areas of the world.

My first question would be, is the above technique overkill and am I missing something thats so much easier?

Second question, would it be to schedule a recursive workflow that runs daily at noon UCT? Keeping in mind that not every DB entry needs to be acted upon, since it could have been done the day before.

Thank you.

Why don’t you create a backend workflow scheduled to start at 12:00.

  • First step: “activate all leads from the past 24 hours”
  • Last step: reschedule itself for tomorrow at 12:00.

Am I missing something? :thinking: