[UPDATED v2.2.0] 😃 Sudsy Page router for SEO-friendly clean URLs! (by Tech-Tonic)

Just a quick note that I’ve added compatibility information to the description. Basically, this plugin works with all modern browsers. It does NOT work with Internet Explorer.

Just wanted to follow up on this to report that I can now say with confidence, “Yes, indeed.” See this forum post.

Hi, @sudsy

Is this plugin usable for html element??

I got my app “reloaded” when I clicked on the link written in the html element.
It worked fine if I use link element.

Is there a way to avoid the reloading, or is this made only for the link element??

My app is a single page app, and I really need your plugin!!

Hi @rio, as you discovered, it works only with Bubble’s Link element - not just any anchor tag on the page (such as one appearing in an HTML element).

If you have a unique problem or challenge, however, please post to the plugin help forum with the details, and I’d be glad to see if I can help you come up with a solution or work-around.

There’s often more than one way to accomplish something in Bubble (as with most programming).


Finally, I got the solution for HTML element.

Thanks! Sudsy Page rocks!



This is working for me thank you @Rio. I now hide the annoying link preview.


Hi @rio do you know how this code would look using toolbox run javascript.
We have a button here that is an image.

Hi @danielowega,

You mean to change the URL? Sorry, I don’t know how to do that with javascript.

Why don’t you just place a regular shape element on the image with the workflow and replace it by Link element later.

This is how it looks like with the link. Note that this link has a workflow since it is replaced from a “shape”.

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Thanks yes I could do that but I’m sure there is a way with javascript. @keith I think you are proficient in this, could you explain please?

@Rio I have solution! The code used before was correct but the url we tested with was causing an error and we never checked console.

VM622:2 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'pushState' on 'History': A history state object with URL 'https://yourapp.com/page/item' cannot be created in a document with origin 'https://storywall.app' and URL 'https://storywall.app/version-test/test'.
at HTMLButtonElement.eval (eval at <anonymous> (eval at b.create_code (https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_js/290513b1c2ddb3f484b957c5c8fd24edd6d8c803e8b5e893061fdc3fc3d8c4c0/xfalse/x5:17:1063907)), <anonymous>:2:9)
at HTMLButtonElement.dispatch (https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_js/290513b1c2ddb3f484b957c5c8fd24edd6d8c803e8b5e893061fdc3fc3d8c4c0/xfalse/x5:11:10315)
at HTMLButtonElement.q.handle (https://dhtiece9044ep.cloudfront.net/package/run_js/290513b1c2ddb3f484b957c5c8fd24edd6d8c803e8b5e893061fdc3fc3d8c4c0/xfalse/x5:11:8342)

Here it is:


Great! You gave me some insight here.

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@sudsy I’m using this plugin, seems to work pretty well, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you make the element resizable? It’s pretty big and could get in the way.

Thanks for the feedback, @stone. That’s not an unreasonable request. FWIW, what I do (and would suggest considering in the interim) is simply “Send to back” and stash it in a corner somewhere. Then, it’s not in the way and won’t be easily clickable. As long as a portion of it remains visible between other elements on the page, it can easily be accessed when needed.

That’s what I do at the moment, just send to back. But due to it’s fixed width it could mess with responsive settings, say with collapsing groups.

I haven’t used this plugin, but for many others I place the element in a popup that is never shown, or a floating group beneath the page to avoid responsive issues.

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Every plugin element should be resizable and responsive by default. I don’t see a reason not to.


Except that neither makes sense in the context of a plugin with no runtime UI. It seems to me a proper solution would enable the developer to designate an “element” of a plugin as having no visual interface. Seems to suggest the notion of a “faceless” plugin element wasn’t anticipated in Bubble’s early days.

At any rate, thanks for the helpful input, @stone and @mebeingken.

Do I have to add the plug-in element to the 404 page? and
Why do I get the double slash symbol in the url “//” ?
I setup the link button as same as yours.

Hi @newlee,

What’s the desired URL structure and behavior? What exactly is it you’re trying to accomplish?

Ah, I see. After taking a closer look, it appears you’re attempting to use the plugin on the home (index) page. As stated in the product announcement at top of this thread, that won’t work…

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