@User, mentions, in Comments section

Hi guys,

What is the best way to enable @user mentions in the comments section?

I have gone through some plugins pages but they all seem pretty new, and very little info regarding them, please let me know from bubbler experience which approaches you would recommend?

The bdk plug-in text editor may work. I know it allows hashtags.

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Thanks @scaffeoa , but have you tried it yourself? and what was your experience withit? and do you mind showing me an example that you did yourself?

your feedback will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Depends what you mean.

Being able to pull out all @aaa @bbb and do something with them.

Or when the user types @a it brings up all users with that mention.

no i have not used it yet

Hi @NigelG , the answer is right here, I mentioned your name, to notify you that I responded with another comment that is mentioning you, so to pull the user’s thing and notify them, and only the users whom have been a part of that comments thread not all existing users.

just like what we can fo here in bubble.io forum

Thanks in advance.

Hi @ahmed.khodeir.87
Dear, did you find out your answer? Did you fix a good solution?
Actually I need the same. If you could, please, share it to me.

Thank you. Regards.

Nope 🤦

What a pity!
As I could check this meantime, it seams there is no other complete plugin for that besides the BDK. I am tring to contact the provider. My worries is about price is paid recurring, not at once.

The issue to me is not the payments, the main issue that all current plugin, don’t provide action taking when you mention a user, means that it is just a highligh for the name, but the user won’t get notification for that mention or where the mention occurred within the app " please correct me if I am wrong"

just use "If this contains “@username” then do something in an action.

But what if two users has the same username?

Change your scope. All my users have “Display Names”, but their usernames are all unique and cannot be the same.

In my case I made their slugs unique but their display name/ username is not, but I will give it a try today and let you guys know what I found out, Thanks for the recommendation @GH5T :blush:

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I did not buy it yet, so it is not tested.
But, I guess, if it is possible to record the data on data base and each mention is linked to a specifc field, so …for exmple, you can record the e-mail and track this information tp do something. So you can do a workfow for that, like send e-mail after “post the all text”

Unless you need an action while user app still is at same screen field. Something like "click on mention and execute an action. In this case, I don’t think about.

I agree to @GH5T . It is important you do you “table” modelig and to establish the key field. However, remember that for the Bubble, the e-mail field in the user table is default, so you need to set parameters to avoid redundancies.
If your project is still at the beginning, think about it a lot, it will reflect on the rest of your system and it will impact the speed of reading data, as well as processing in search and filter fields.