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User multi-select - save to List field

I have a table of Comments and a table of pre-defined Tags. The Comment table has ‘Comment Tags’ which is type ‘List of Tags’

When a user adds a Comment, I want them to be able to select from that pre-defined list of Tags. Right now I display them in a Repeating Group with a checkbox on each row. When the user submits their comment I want to create a new Comment record and populate the ‘List of Tags’ field with just the tags that they have chosen (right now I can only populate with all tags).

Is there a way to do this, or some sort of workaround? Thank you in advance.

Whilst I’m still interested in the answer to this question, I’ve worked around it for now by making it a 2 stage process…

  1. Create Comment record
  2. Allow user to select tags from a list

Each Tag row in the repeating group has a button, and that button adds the individual tag to the newly created comment. It’s a bit clunky, but works well enough for now.

You can also hide the tag button once the user adds it to the comment. Your solution is good. To make it in one step, you can also create a list of tags and add it to the Comment object when the user clicks save.

We are seriously considering adding #tag abilities, stay tuned :smile:


Many thanks

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Hi @georgeciobanu, any updates on the tag capability addition by chance? Thanks!

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