Users doesn't receive the password retrieve email [Resolved]

Hello all !

Some of my app users enter their email to get the link for creating a new password, but never receive the email.

I checked their spams but nothing. It is just a few users.
The email is well sent, with the good address (I checked the logs)

An idea to solve this ?

Hey there @Sarah_Esteve,

Are you using Sendgrid or the default bubble sending domain? If so, the issue may be a Sendgrid issue not a Bubble issue. Sendgrid has terrible email delivery and terrible email reliability.

From what I’ve seen, if you aren’t on Sendgrid’s plan that lets you get a dedicated IP, most of their mail server IPs are blacklisted from Hotmail, Outlook servers.

I’d recommend Postmark in this case.

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Hello, thx Jonnhy for replying.

In fact they didn’t have any account on the site… bad me! I added an alert message if user doesn’t have an account now (it is an internal tool for a company)

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