"We could not find a user with this email address in our system"

I am creating a reset password page, and when I hit the button “Reset Password” an email is not sent and it says “We could not find a user with this email address in our system” even though I know this user is in the database. Anyone know what’s up?

Check your workflow and make sure you are sending a reset to the right user.

That will let you chuck any value into the input field (including junk addresses and mistakes)

If you are sure the email address is correct - check that it exists in the environment you are playing with (production or test). User accounts are different between environments and normally when I see this its because Im using a test account in production or vice versa.

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Hmm I have this email in Both production and live environments. Does this matter?

No it shouldn’t. I’d ruin the debugger in step mode Using the Debugger · Bubble Manual

just turn on step mode before you fill in the address and hit enter and see what value is being sent through. You might even have a default value in your field that’s not being overwritten. This should let you track it down quickly.
Good luck!