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Website for each SaaS User. How to in Bubble?

I am building a Business Management saas platform. I want to offer a feature that gives each user a free external website for their business. The sites would be single page and would be available in a few basic templates. They would be largely static with some dynamic elements supporting customization for each user out of the database. I would need to offer those users the ability to use their own domain address. Of course I could use masking or forwarding. Is this something that I could do with bubble?

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I don’t see how this could be done straight out of the box.

But I do believe this should be possible to achieve using an external proxy server.

Generating the page/site itself should be easy from bubble.

Then users need to add their domain. Once we have a domain and users point their domain to the external proxy. It should be possible to configure a proxy server to make it appear as if the page in bubble is on the users configured domain.

Haven’t done it before. But I do think it should be possible.


Yes, it’s possible to create one application on Bubble to management websites templates. You will need to create a manager module that the user can choose the model createds, customize the elements, that you have defined for the templates( pictures, fields, informations, links, titles…). Send you a private message if you need some consultory or development.

Can you please be more specific? Would like to understand how to connect the domains =)