What happened to the Text editor for the Expression editor?

To all,

Before, when I needed to add BBS code to my text that was being loaded conditionally into a text field, I would get the Text editor. Now, it doesn’t appear nor is there a way to make it appear. Where did it go? Did I miss something?


Are you talking about the rich text editor in the properties editor of a text element?

Yes! If I’m creating a new record and want to set the text value of a column, it doesn’t give me the option to show it.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to?.. In the design tab of the editor? Or the data tab? Or what?

If it’s any consolation, Adam, I am equally as confused. :slight_smile:

Treb, this is what Adam referred to in his initial reply… is this what you are talking about? I’m guessing not, but you did say yes when Adam asked if this is what you meant.


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On the Create a new thing dialog, there’s no Rich text editor button even though this is a text field. It was there previously for me to enter in the bbcode.

Doesn’t matter which version of the expression editor I show.

In the beta version of the expression editor, I get the Add dynamic button but nothing else.

I’ve certainly never seen a rich text editor in a standard text field input in the five years+ I’ve been using Bubble…

That’s what arbitrary text is for…


It worked before I upgraded to the latest version, and I’ve seen it in several places over the last 2 years. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the code as is. There was a Rich Text Editor link below the box.

I’m not a fan of arbitrary text as it adds one more thing you’ve got to click through to see what’s going on. Just let me use double quotes like every other tool I use. Arbitrary text feels like a hack to get around a UI problem issue with interpreting entered text correctly.

Let me see if I can convert this to arbitrary text since the copy/paste code function was being weird as well.

Yeah I’d use an “arbitrary text” there.