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What would the business model be to develop custom apps for clients using only Bubble as a platform?


I’m planning to start a company that creates IT solutions for small-medium companies using Bubble as the platform to develop custom business apps for clients. What I’d like to understand is the business model for hosting with the Bubble platform. For instance, I would sign up for say a ‘Professional’ account with Bubble and develop the app based on my client’s needs. Once the app is finished, tested, and ready to be deployed live – how would I ‘transfer’ the app to the client? After all, I don’t want to keep having to pay the $129 after my work on the app is finished and it’s the client’s to own and manage. Or alternatively, for me (my company) to continue to manage the app and keep the account, I’ll have to charge the client a sort of retainer or a monthly fee of some sort.

Any help would be appreciated because at this point I’m just trying to figure out the high-level business model before I delve deeper into planning.

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There are several ways to go about it, for sure.

  1. Handoff Model: Get an Agency account, build it for them, the transfer it to them on their own paid account
  2. Managed Service Model: Build, run, and maintain it for them on your own account. Within this model, you could have one plan for each app and upcharge for it, or you could buy a Dedicated cluster and run multiple apps on the same infrastructure

One thing to be aware of: If you’re doing a managed model, Bubble has a tendency to go down (either partially or fully) more frequently than people expect. If you’re running a business with any sort of service level expectations attached, take that into consideration. I believe this problem is significantly lessened on a Dedicated cluster.


So with the dedicated cluster you can run multiple apps??
What is the price point for a dedicated cluster?

The agency account route is the best way to go for it. There’s no need to ask clients for any passwords to their accounts. If clients insist to work on their own account, you can have them invite you to the app, this is only available for free on agency accounts.