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What's your portable machine of choice?

Hi Bubblers!

I’m interested in learning what portable machines you all are using to build your Bubble apps and other creative content on. I know there’s going to be a variety of answers depending on your profession and goals, but I’m in the market for an affordable laptop that can handle a few Adobe CC applications running at once (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop) and Bubble.

I don’t edit 4k footage, nor are my AE compositions all that extensive (just lower thirds and simple text animations), but I do often have all of these things going at once. Plus the usual email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. I compress, transfer, download and upload files multiple times a day: file sizes ranging between 100MB - 5GB.

I have a primary iMac with 2nd monitor that gets the job fully done, but I’m very very interested in a remote counterpart to do the same. Been looking at Macbook Pros with Retina, maxed out on ram, with SSD - 13 or 15 inch. Not sure. I don’t want a million-dollar, hundred-pound machine… but I understand what I require will not be found in budget laptops (netbooks, chrome books, etc).

I’m also generally just interested in what everyone’s using and liking these days.


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Ditch Adobe and go Chromebook!

If editing videos wasn’t part of my job description, then I’d really consider it. Unless you know of a powerful web-based editor that can compete with Premiere or Final Cut…

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I had a 13" Macbook Air for a couple of years, which straddled the portability/power tradeoff well. But then I didn’t do much video work, mostly back end database/reporting tools.

The 11" was just too tiny for me. The Pros too heavy.

But as above, I now choose Chromebook, and then find the tools. Stuff like Pixlr/Canva do a lot, but I doubt you will get Premiere levels of cloud tool.

A Chromebook is what I want, but until it can support Adobe CC properly, it will remain a dream.

I love my Surface 2, a little underpower now, but the new ones or the Surface Book won’t let you down.

MBP at least 15 :slight_smile:

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