Workflow within a repeating group is not running - Debugger doesn't run the step-wise runs either

Hi all,

I have a layer that is nested within a Repeating Group. This layer has a series of inputs for the user to make. Once the user has entered inputs, the user can click on a button (named AGREGAR) and the app is supposed to create a new database entry with the inputs and data from the Grand parent element of this layer.

All the groups in the family of layers are formatted as the correct database element, yet, the workflow will not run when I trigger it. Even when I tried working with the debugger, the button shows disabled (there is no condition attached to it), and when it’s clicked, the debugger selects the page element instead.

Any help would be much appreciated. I tried contacting the folks at Bubble about this bug. There is nothing mechanically incorrect, this is what leads me to believe that it might be a bug.

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