WUreducer - Reduce your Workload Units

Hi there, seems to working fine here: coalias.com

I hit the same issue, this is for the WU Reducer domain:

Pay yourself more @gaimed :rofl:


Haha. I forgot to upgrade to a paid plan. Will do tomorrow :wink:


Site is up again!

Hey Ab, a mutual customer mentioned your post about Bubble rate limiting WUreducer… I had to check this thread to confirm for myself and sure enough - that seems to be what you’ve said.

Can you share detail about what that means? Were they rate limiting WUreducer’s handshake (in the API connector) at time of caching? Were they perhaps rate limiting the retrieval of cached content at time of client request? Or perhaps (I believe your service periodically checks a Bubble endpoint for the most up to date data returned from a particular workflow) where they rate limiting your cache renewal mechanism? Something else?

Asking because I’m trying to figure out if the rate limiting behavior is reasonable or something new that would be good for us other devs to be aware of. Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

The rate limiting is happening on anyything thats hitting bubble from our service.

For CoAlias we have 100+ servers in 5 data centers so we dont have this problem. But for Wu reducer I didnt do this initially. But my logs showed that we where hitting the 429.

Bubble said they don’t have enough engineering resources to solve this and these 429 (rate limiting) and 503 are expected behavior (from cloudflare waf)


Hi @gaimed – the only thing I’d love to have with WUreducer would be to reset the cache with a webhook once a new item is added.

Alternatively, would it work well if I had the cache set differently for the same call in different pages? E.g., for a job board, I’d like employers to have a realtime view of their jobs but for our public pages for browsing jobs we’d like to have cached results. Would it work well if I set the cache to be different for each page?

Hey, i’ve been trying to access the wureducer website, but it just shows a blank page. Been a couple days now. the API still works, but I was just wondering what’s up?


Is this still working?