Zap Style - 24/7 appointment app (Built on Bubble)

Wanted to share and announce that my app **Zap Style** (access on IE or download on IOS, Chrome is not working… working with Google on this) has been approved and available for download on the Apple Store. Special thanks to @natedogg I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without him lending his service and time. So Nate, special thanks to you my man. Thanks to the Bubble support team as well, they responded quickly to my issues and kept pushing me forward.

Still working with Android Studio to get the app up and running with Android. Stay tuned.

You’ll be hearing another announcement pretty shortly as I have another app, Sole Swipe, which allows buyers and sellers to purchase exclusive sneakers (Jordan, Nike, etc).


I had the same ‘deceptive site’ problem when I first launched. I added a terms of use and privacy policy and submitted for google to review - took less than a week to sort out


Thank you @gf_wolfer!

Congrats, @spotyourlocal! Glad I could help!

Don’t worry, we’ll get you up and running on Android in before you know it! :grin:

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Well done. I signed up to test it. Is it a single page mobile app?

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I notice your iOS app logs the user out every-time you re-launch the app on the phone. This is one of my fears when publishing an app. Any idea why this is happening?

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Thank you @graeme.cox, yes it’s a single page.

@supernaturally great question. Upon sign up and sign in I have the setting to "Keep User Logged In = “yest” "

Will dig in on this.

@natedogg any thoughts on this?

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Cool. How do you do those page transitions?

Hi @gf_wolfer, I’m having the same issue:

How exactly did you request a review? I’ve had my app verified and this still happens.

Also there are no security notifications in my Google search console. :man_shrugging: