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Bubble Page to PDF - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Thank you i will give that a go

the convertor stopped working here. I have the autosave pdf on, but it seems to not be triggering the convertor, and the download never starts. a SS from the console, if it helps:

Thanks! This is working for me now.

But now its just capturing the part of the element that is visible on the screen and not the entire element that is lower down on the page… :sweat_smile:

Hey @letsexecute. Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please tell me the following, it should help understand why the plugin does not work properly on your side:

  1. what plugin version you’re using;
  2. what plugin element you’re using (new/old);
  3. what device you’re using (macOS/Windows);
  4. can you please show me your Convert to PDF action setup;
  5. tell me if you are using SVG/PNG elements on your page and if yes, how much (approximately, at least :sweat_smile: );
  6. if it is possible, provide a video record of reproducing your case with an enabled debugger and live console, to capture errors on the page load.

Thanks :pray:

@stevenrichardlevy, hey! Can you please show some examples of the result PDF file? Also, your Convert to PDF action setup and some information on the element you’re trying to convert? Perhaps the root cause in the target/source formats and especially in the Pagebreakers ID field. Thanks :pray:

Zeroqode Team

is there any way to schedule the pdf to convert. i am having issues where the users are trying to create pdf on site but lose connectivity so the pdf does not create. For these i would like to do an overnight job where any forms missing the pdf url are automatically created.


If I understand you correctly, you want to use scheduled events and run the PDF conversion on the app backend? If yes, then, unfortunately, it might be impossible. As per the fact, the page should be loaded before the ConverttoPDF action is triggered, the plugin could not convert the page if you schedule the workflow on some other time, when the page can be probably closed.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
Zeroqode Team

Hi thanks for your reply and sorry to take a while to get back to you. I got a little frustrated with this and had to put it down for a bit.

Attaching some screenshots of what I am getting at the moment.

As mentioned I am trying to print a single element but seems to be cutting everything that is not visible on the screen.

  1. The screen when I save the PDF to the database. For reference, the screen can be scrolled down and there is further content to the document (underneath where it says BBC, Journalist)

  1. The document being printed

  1. Plugin settings (note the custom format section is empty)


Thanks for the details you’ve shared. Unfortunately, it is still unclear what can cause your issue. Your screenshots are not complete (especially the wf/action screen) :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s why I need to ask you to provide them access to your app - add our [email protected] email as a collaborator of your page.

And indicate the page and the logic of how I can reproduce your issue. Once I can reproduce it - I will investigate your settings and provide some insights like what have you set wrong or what is causing your issue.

Zeroqode Team

ok done. Thank you


Thanks! Once I have any useful info after the investigation - I inform you asap. It might take a bit of time.

Zeroqode Team


I have checked your app carefully and here is the result.

  1. I made sure the plugin is working OK within your app - I tried to convert long repeating/group elements to see if they will be cut as the stirling group you are converting. They are not cut, everything is OK.
  2. why does the stirling group cut? Because it is placed inside the floating group. The Floating group has a size fixed to the current screen w/h. Thus, when you are converting the stirling - it is cut in accordance with the floating group size.

In general, everything is OK with the plugin and your setup. But to avoid that cutting issue - please do not convert elements that are placed into the Floating Group

I hope it helps.
Zeroqode Team

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Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated. Yes the floating group was my undoing! All sorted now!


Again i have had the most frustrated experience with yet another Zeroqode plugin. This plugin doesn’t work and i just purchased it. I followed all the steps but when i try to convert an element to pdf, nothing. No dice. It just does nothing. I have followed all the steps, i have read this entire thread and spent yet another frustrated afternoon trying to get this to work

Hello, @adunniola.
Thanks a lot for your feedback on our Page to PDF plugin. It’s really sad that you have such a bad experience with it for now.

Can you please provide the following information, in order to help you make the plugin work on your side:

  • element you want to convert to PDF to see it’s ID value and w/h parameters;
  • plugin event and action that triggers a convert to PDF process - to see the ConverttoPDF setup;
  • short video record of reproducing your issue with enabled debugger and browser console to catch possible errors, if they are;
  • tell what plugin element and version you are using (old/new plugin element);
  • tell what devise, OS, and browser (version) you were using, while reproducing the error you have reported;
  • screenshots of the error you are receiving (if you are);
  • screenshots of the debugger and browser console when you are trying to use the action “ConverttoPDF”/convert a page to PDF.

Thank you :pray:
Zeroqode Team

Thanks for the response. I got the plugin to work in a page with only a single element (the group I want to convert

Unfortunately, this is not the scenario i want to achieve. On the page i need to convert it doesn’t work even with the exact same settings.

To answer your questions

  1. I want to convert a group
  2. I used the exact set up in the setup
  3. Im using the new plugin (Convert 2.0)
  4. laptop, Chrome browser
  5. No error, the workflow simply doesn’t run
  6. Settings 3
    Screen record


Thanks a lot for the details. Let me please check it out and I will get back to you once I have any useful insights.

Zeroqode Team


Can you please confirm you are using the 1.38 version? If it is so, can you please upgrade it to 1.40 and check if you will still be receiving this in the console once you click “convert to pdf”:

Your setup seems to be correct. Also, you can add our [email protected] as a collaborator of your app, so I can check everything by myself and speed up the process.

Zeroqode Team

Hi, Yes i was on the 1.39 version. I will update now and add you as a collaborator

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Hi, Any update?


Apologies, but I couldn’t find the invitation email with access to your app. Would you kindly try to add our [email protected] as a collaborator again, indicate your app name and the page where you have the PDF plugin set up?

Zeroqode Team