Popups Randomly Become Unscrollable

Hey everyone…

I’m suddenly finding that various popup windows in my app randomly become unscrollable while the app is being used. It is happening on multiple computers using different Windows OS in Chrome.

Does anyone else have this problem? This must be a bug…?

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I’m surprised no one else has seen this bug… it has been reported and verified as bug #7426.

If you have a popup based app, I’d really recommend checking out if you have the same issue.

@neerja, this is a high priority as it is rendering my app pretty useless without constant refreshing of the web page… could you give me an idea when it will be fixed please?


Just an idea here which I did not test yet. But can’t you force the pop-up to have a scroll bar using CSS. I know it’s not a fix but till the bug is resolved.

The way I would try this is by adding an ID attribute to 5he pop-up and then add a header on the page to use the CSS for that pop-up

So it would look something like this

Overflow-x: auto;

I’m seeing a similar issue I posted about here before seeing your post. I’m finding this happen on entire pages, not just popups. Requires refresh for the scroll bar to show up.

Yes, I also encountered the same problem
The whole page does not scroll, after calling the popup

I’m experiencing this as well.

We’re looking into this right now, sorry about this. We should have a fix in the coming hour or two.

Thank you @emmanuel.

Please can you put in place a system where we can flag these app breaking bugs?

Maybe a Forum category along the lines of “Serious Bugs”, which Bubble then watches very closely? This bug is app breaking and I have waited 6 days for a response… it is very hard to support our customers when we don’t know how or when a fix to an app breaking bug is coming…

Thanks @emmanuel!

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