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Is it possible to send the bubble confirmation link within a Sendinblue template with ? I would like to make the whole registration process including the forgotten password function a bit prettier and not just as plain text.

Hi @tomnovo, thanks for your question.

Yes, this plugin is pretty versatile, so we would recommend doing a search by keywords here on Bubble forum, there are threads where users share solved use case, like this one for example:

Hope this hint helps. If there will be any other questions about plugin default functionality, please let us know.

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Hi @ZeroqodeSupport

I want to be able to send the confirmation email from my email in SendInBlue and not from the no-reply@bubbleapps.io I see you posted a thread but when I go to it I can not find the solution to sending the confirmation link for the user to confirm their account.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @raketenstart, thanks for your question.

We’re afraid that with the current Bubble platform capacities this would not be possible, as this action (Send confirmation email) runs on the server side, and data sent can’t be accessed/used/stored by the user. Sorry about that.

If there will be any other plugin-related questions that we can help with, please let us know.

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Hello guys,

I am trying to set up the Reset Password email via Sendinblue. I made the “Text only version” work through the “Sendinblue - Send SMTP Mail” and everything worked perfectly there.

But when I try to use the template I created within Sendinblue by using the plugin’s “Send SMTP Mail + Template”, as shown here:

Step 1: Issued the token only

Step 2: Created the action “Send SMTP Mail + Template”

Filled both “params_user” and “params_count” with “Result of step 1…”

When I reset the password, the template arrives and all is well as shown here:

This is how I set up the button URL link inside Sendinblue’s template:

My challenge begins when I click on the button “Reset my password” inside the template, the link it takes me to is exactly the link I put (www.mywebsiteurl.com/reset_pw?reset=params_user), but I was hoping that Sendinblue would recognize that “params_user” actually equals “Result of step 1…” as I have set it within Bubble’s “Sendinblue - Send SMTP Mail + Template” workflow:

Is there a way to push the Token into Sendinblue?

Another way to ask the same question: Is there a way to pull the Token (issued in step 1 in bubble) and place it at a field inside Sendinblue?

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Hello @ZeroqodeSupport thank you for the “Heart”, I am a little confused though because you’ve given it a Heart but without answering my question, will you be answering my question? Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @ramya, thanks for your message.

Allow us to recommend checking the thread with solution& explanation for your case:

I’m afraid not, as it can cause issues with information safety. The reset password token can only be used in actions that run on the server— if we sent the password reset token to the client (visible in the debugger), anyone could use it to reset the account’s password without having access to the associated email.

Hope this will help. If there are any other plugin-related questions that we can help with, please let us know.

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@ZeroqodeSupport You make a great point about security risk and thank you for the link, I have gone through it.

How then can Sendinblue populate a template email like the one below without being able to receive data from Bubble? Because looking at the template below, it requires:
• Host’s name
• Listing’s name
• Booking dates (Check-in and Check-out)
• Cancelation terms to this specific property
• Amongst other dynamic data

PS: I have tried to read through this current thread and others many times without finding a clear answer to this question. Thanks for your help.

Hi @ramya, thanks for the reply.

If it is a Bubble template, this would be more related to application customization, thus, the best option would be to consult the supporting documentation, for setup instructions.

Let us know if there are any other questions about our plugin that we can help with.

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@ZeroqodeSupport I am sorry, but I am confused by your answer.

I am not asking about a bubble template, I am asking about your Plugin that connects Sendinblue with Bubble.

Specifically how to allow certain data to be sent from Bubble and reflect on the Sendinblue template?

For example, if you go to Airbnb and book an apartment, you will receive an email about your booking details:

  • Name of the listing you booked at
  • Dates you booked
  • Name of your host

How can I do the same for my users, they book on Bubble, and get an email of their booking details (Dates, listing name, host name…) to reflect on the email they receive?

Hi @ramya, sorry for the misunderstanding from our side.

For that, please be sure to indicate within the template (in the Sendinblue account) the params with the corresponding element id, see the example here:

and in plugin action, set the dynamic values to be replaced within the template, like in example below:

Hope this helps. Please let us know if we can help with anything else about our plugin.

Zeroqode Support Team

Hi Zeroqode,

I’ve read the thread but cannot find anything about sending to a list. Once people have placed an offer on our website we want to notify everyone that have placed an offer on that same home about the new offer but I haven’t been able to make it send an email to each offer’s user email data point. See picture below for how I’ve set it up now:

Thanks (again)!

Hi @feike, thanks for your question.

Allow us to recommend checking the following thread where this has been discussed in detail: Sendinblue plugin (send multiple recipients)

If there will be any other plugin-related questions, please let us know.

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That has solved part of the issue. I don’t know if this is the error that is causing my workflows not to work but in one email I’m trying to send users a email where they can view/download a agreement they just signed on the website through a button. I’ve added to the link input of the button {{params.getovereenkomst}} and given the workflow action the prompt to send a AWS URL to the {{params.getovereenkomst}}.

When testing that email it doesn’t send and I cannot find anything that might cause the error except maybe not being able to send a URL as a parameter. Is this the case?

Or how would I go about sending a link as a parameter to the button in the email?

Hi @feike, thanks for your answer.

The URL links can be sent through the Sendinblue platform. Please check in Bubble inspect more, in step by step, if the URL value is passed correctly till the end of the workflow.

Hope this hint will help. If there will be any other questions about our plugin, please let us know.

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Is there a way to send multiple attachments using the “send smtp mail+file” action.
Thanks in advance.

Hello, @antoinechiro. Thanks for your question.

I’m afraid, the Sendinblue - Send SMTP Mail + File (advanced) action can send only one file per action. As an alternative, try the Sendinblue - Send SMTP Mail + Template (advanced) action.



Hope it helps. :pray:
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Always welcome, @antoinechiro :slight_smile:

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport,

I am trying to send an SMTP email + file. But the email is never sent. I have tested the workflow by only sending a SMTP email and that works as expected. So the issue must then be with the file workflow or the file itself.

Here is a couple screenshots

I’ve added the https: to the filename with no success.

Filename in database:
Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 18.58.40

Debugger step-by-step screenshot: