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☁️Wasabi Cloud Storage Plugin

Hi @ZeroqodeSupport

Is it possible to delete a list of files stored wasabi from bubble? e.g deleting a file on wasabi by inputing the bucket name, folder name, and then the name of that file through this plugin? This has to be done on a separate page that the Wasabi element used to upload those files is located. Is this possible? I haven’t found a way how.

Many thanks,

It works perfectly, thanks again !!! a lot !!
By any chance, do you know if we can create a link that redirect to the content of a folder / object ? So people from the bubble app can see the content of it.
thanks !

Hi @phetxdphet,

Yes, this is possible. For that, you need to use the “Ultimate Toolkit” plugin, namely the “For Each” element, which will allow you to work with a list.

Also, before deleting files, a condition is to retrieve their names, in order to indicate them in “Delete files/folders” action.

So, here are some guiding screenshots, and you can also use the following test page for guidance: Appkit | Bubble Editor


Hi @Alter345

In this case, you may use the repeating group, where to retrieve/display all files that this folder contains (check the Demo Editor page for guidance).

! If it is related to a bucket with restricted access, please be sure to indicate the right access path for page visitors.

Hope it helps.

Zeroqode Support Team