Plugin Editor & New Responsive Engine [beta]

Hi everyone!

We should have made this more explicit earlier on, but wanted to address the Plugin Editor and the new Responsive Engine [beta]. To be clear, the Plugin Editor has not yet been updated to support the new Responsive Engine controls. While legacy plugin elements will not break new Responsive pages, they do not currently take advantage of the new controls offered and thus may not behave as expected. This means Plugin Developers have not yet had a chance to update their plugins or create new ones that cater to the new Responsive Engine.

That being said, the team is currently working on an update to the Plugin Editor that would allow plugin developers to create fully responsive plugin elements with all of the new controls. We don’t have a firm timeline yet, but it is a top priority for the team. Just like with Templates in the Marketplace, we will ensure there is ample time for plugin developers to migrate or create new versions of their Plugins for New Responsive pages before New Responsive becomes the default experience for new apps.

We will keep this thread up to date with announcements on our progress with the Plugin Editor. In the mean time, please chime in if you have any questions and concerns. Thanks!


Hi @nick.carroll we appreciate you giving this top priority! We just finished migrating our app to the new responsive engine but are having tons of problems with plugins misbehaving or breaking the responsiveness of the page. Hopefully we can see an update soon!

Thank you and thank the whole team!!

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Gracias , yo tambien estoy empezando a migrar toda la pagina al nuevo sistema, ya que es mucho mejor y ordenado. Pero hay varios complementos que no hacen lo que se espera que hagan

Saludos desde Chile y gracias por el gran trabajo que han hecho


Hello everyone!

We now have an Alpha version of the Plugin Editor that will allow plugin developers to leverage the new responsive controls in their plugins. We are releasing an opt-in Alpha first to iron out any bugs and ensure the updated version meets the needs of our plugin developers before we release it to a wider audience.

If you’d like to start testing this new version, please let me know and I’ll send over instructions for how to enable it in your account and some things to keep in mind while testing. Look forward to hearing from you all, thanks!


Would love to!

@nick.carroll I would like to opt in. How can I?

Hey @nick.carroll,
I need the access to Alpha version of the Plugin Editor to get controls for new responsive engine. Please send me instructions to enable it. Thankyou.

Hello everyone! A new version of the Plugin Editor that supports the new responsive engine is now live! Please see the guide below for some tips on how to work in the new plugin editor version and migrating old plugins.

Updating a Plugin

Switching the plugin to Version 3 should enable the new responsive controls and options. Most plugin element code should just work, but you’ll likely want to tweak each element’s code. Publishing a your updated plugin on this new version will create a new version of your plugin like usual.

Some Notes

  • For elements which are marked as “responsive”, check “this element can fit width/height to content” to enable those settings if their element supports that. These options will cause the width/height to be set to max-content rather than expanding to fill the space.
  • properties.bubble.width/height should still work correctly, and will cause your update function to re-run whenever the size of the element changes.
  • There are many new properties in properties.bubble corresponding to the new responsive properties.
  • Plugin elements updated to the new engine should still work in the legacy engine as well
  • The only settings which no longer exist are top, left, fixed_width, min_width, use_max_width, max_width in properties.bubble, so if the plugin element relies on those then it will have to be changed. Other than that it should work fine.
  • instance.setHeight is no longer a thing now - instead, you can just set the height using CSS. Any calls relying on instance.setHeight will have to be changed or removed.

@nick.carroll I believe this hasn’t got the attention it deserves! Just upgraded one of my private plugins and worked like a charm!! Extremely easy to implement!


Appreciate the feedback!

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FYI, I find the padding settings thoroughly confusing. Given that the plugin editor was just updated to be compatible with the new layout engine, it was natural to assume that the following Padding setting…

…was referring to the new Padding fields on the Layout tab of the properties editor.

However, only after squandering way too much time and submitting a bug report did I discover it was referring to the following old settings on the Appearance tab…

It would be nice to have some consistency with regard to padding across elements. Thanks.

Thanks for flagging, once all elements have our new padding (coming very soon) we will update the plugin editor to include these new controls.

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I have been using instance.setHeight() in my plugins every time the height mas dynamic and I wanted to fit the content. You mentioned using CSS instead, I’m not sure I got it right: how do I reference my plugin container element?. Can you explain a little further?
Thank you

Hey @nick.carroll, tagging you just in case you missed this reply!

Sorry about the delay!

instance.canvas gets the reference to the plugin container element. You can either size that directly, or create children elements which you can size and use the “fit height to content” option (which sets height: max-content on the container element).

Let me know if this makes / doesn’t make sense.